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If you are trying to make a top ten for the best watches that can be the best gift for a lady here is your number one, your top of the list: the Bulova’s Diamond-Accented Automatic watch. I can assure you that you will never regret in picking this extraordinary watch for your friend or partner because it has a romantic touch that will make her melt. As I already said, the Bulova’s Diamond-Accented Automatic watch is so beautiful and is for all the ladies that are romantic and like this simple, elegant and artistic type of watch. It will perfectly match with a feminine look in a romantic evening. Or you can wear it all day long if you want to show your romantic side.

Bulova's Diamond-Accented Automatic watch Bulova's Diamond-Accented Automatic watch picture

The Bulova’s Diamond-Accented Automatic watch has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 33 mm. The water resistance of this ladies watch is down to 30 meters. A silver-toned brass bracelet is underlining the case of this romantic watch. A flat mineral crystal is encircling the case of the watch and also is protecting its dial from every type of scratch. Beneath the mineral screen made of crystal is a mother-of-pearl dial that’s embellished with diamonds.

The inset hearts motifs are the main stars of the display of this elegant watch. These hearts permit a magical glance into the mysterious and fascinating details of the Japanese automatic movement that makes all the functions alive. Silver-toned hands are showing the hours, minutes and seconds on the display of the Bulova’s watch. These hands are also luminous so that you can see the hours and minutes very clear when it’s getting dark outside. And the last detail but not the least is that the display is enlightened by the 44 diamonds that are on its case.

An interesting thing that makes this watch very special is that it doesn’t need a battery to put its’ functions in motions because it’s getting all the power that is needed from the movement of your arm.

It can be called a bestseller of this section because of its glamorous look. The Bulova’s Diamond-Accented Automatic watch has a silver-toned stainless steel bracelet that is making this luxurious look perfect.

Even though it seems very luxurious because of its price you can be sure that this will be a perfect gift that will surprise your lady.

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