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Well, believe it or not, but you will not forget any moment when turning your head and looking at the time! It happens not only because of the appearance, but of the investment itself – and one of the Cartier Crash Diamond Set Ladies’ Watches is surely the best choice for a woman that respects herself. Whether you are going for the white or the pink gold version, any choice is surely and unforgettable one and the best to show off your elegance! Let alone to say it provides any outfit with good taste. Take some time and stick with us – you’ll be amazed of what such an investment comes with!

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They say time is priceless. There’s no way to deny it, but to play with its own rules. And there’s no wonder why – but, what about having a timepiece that can make your life more beautiful and memories that are ought not to be forgotten? If you are wondering how you could ever get such an outcome, make sure you keep an eye on the following lines – you are about to meet some of the most beautiful masterpieces there are on Earth!

If you are looking forward to get a sneak peek of them live, make sure to come to the upcoming Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2013 in Geneva. At such an amazing event, there were ought to be presented some spectacular accessories that will make the entire night unforgettable – the Cartier Crash Diamond Set Ladies’ Watches are the most luxurious version of the Cartier’s – well, when you’ll be there you’ll surely say the same! They are really easy to identify, due to their ‘melting case, combination of either white or pink gold and diamonds. What’s comes as an interesting fact is the one that the Cartier was initially thought to have another shape of what we see today, but as time went by the actual appearance caught some eyes and made its name worldwide renowned. Simply by saying the name Cartier, you automatically think of glamour and sophistication. Any women would be more thrilled to bear such a watch on her hand. The Cartier Crash Diamond Set Ladies’ Watches surely make the ultimate gifts for mom on her birthday and this year’s celebration will be a memorable one.

Another advantage of owning one of the Cartier Crash Diamond Set Ladies’ Watches is the limited editions. For instance, the polished gold bracelets can be found in only 267 pieces each, one fact that increases the accessory’s price and value. Regardless to say, each of them comes with 150-brilliant cut diamonds with approximately 2.15 carats – still, if you are looking for more luxury, there are two pieces completely paved with 471 brilliant-cut diamonds that will make you feel and look like a million bucks. If these jewelry pieces don’t make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts from son, then what will? Marilyn Monroe couldn’t have been more right when she said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The confirmation you are looking for will come from your mother’s eyes when you offer her this gift!

If you are planning a wedding and you want to present your bridesmaids with an unique and luxurious present, you should consider this set. This is the type of present that will not be forgotten any time soon. Furthermore, wearing matching watches is a great way for women to show how much they value each other’s friendship. However, if such pieces of art exceed your budget, you can always find cheaper yet equally interesting ideas on

The last but not least reason for which you should take into account the Cartier Crash Diamond Set Ladies’ Watches appears to be the Cartier’s hand-winding mechanism, one that is rarely found in the current timepieces.

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