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Watches have become a must-have accessory for many women, this element not missing from any one of their street wear outfits. If you love including this type of accessory in your attire on the regular, but at the same time cannot afford constantly investing in new ones, learning how to customize the watches you do own is a great solution. Here are a few appealing ideas on how to give watches a unique touch, so if the topic interests you, make sure to read these tips:

Give your watches a unique twist with these tips

Replace the watch bracelet with ribbon

The first, and probably easiest way to personalize a watch is by replacing its bracelet. However, don’t just go for the standard, traditional bracelets you can find on the market, but chose something a bit more unconventional. Ribbon is the perfect option in this department. Because you have such a wide variety of patterns and colours to select from, you can replace the ribbon watch bracelet on the daily, in order for this accessory to match every single one of your outfits perfectly. Simply go online and shop for some qualitative floristry ribbons UK, and then use your preferred pattern whenever you please. A ribbon band will also feel extremely comfortable on your wrist.

Add some colour to leather watch bands with spray paint

Leather watch bracelets are certainly fashionable, but they can also be dull often, not having that particular effect that catches the eye. Well, with some spray colour, you can give the leather band a new life. Whether you combine strong colour tones, such as orange and violet, or you go for soft pastels, it’s up to you to let your creativity run freely.

Wear two watch dials together

You can combine the dials of two watches you own, of different sizes, and put them on the same bracelet, regardless if it’s a ribbon or a leather one. The effect the two dials will make will be a unique one, so you will be creating an accessory that makes your overall look even more particular and appealing.

If you are the type of woman who enjoys accessorizing her outfits, watches are probably a go-to element for various of your looks. However, in order to truly give your style that authentic, original vibes you desire, being a bit creative is recommended, and the tips mentioned above will function great in customizing your watches in unique ways, so try at least one of these ideas.

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