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It is said that time is money. But in fact, what is it? Some of us think that the best way to fulfill all the requirements is to manage their time through making their own agenda. But there is the clock that coordinates everything. Nowadays, designers have concluded that due to its very large usage, time needs to be turn into something small but precious, as it is. So here we present to you, the Guess Facet Watch. This watch is made only for female gender, as its appearance covers all the women’s wishes.

Guess Facet Watch Guess Facet Watch Picture

Offering a 24-hour second time zone, the Guess Facet Watch provides every woman a classy and elegant delightful match for a perfect outfit. It can also be a present for a lucky lady, as her best-half may wish for her to wear such a beauty which shows off her best qualities. This perfect masterpiece is endowed with a unique 50-facet design, which brings fragileness but also power in every woman’s attitude. As for every lady’s hand, the Guess Facet Watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet, perfect to be worn at every occasion. What’s more about this time piece is that the bracelet can be changed with a white leather one, so that the accessory can become more and more elegant.

Guess Facet Watch Guess Facet Watch Picture

It usually comes in a steel color, but your best-half enjoys more wearing the mono colors, then she or you may opt for the black one, suitable for attracting all the eyes. The Guess Facet Watch brings to anyone’s eyes power, flexibility and refinement, as that is assured down to 50 meters, enough for any woman’s wishes. Also, as it is world widely known, the Guess house is the finest one from all houses, keeping up with the new. And it seems that this last watch released on the market does not try to lose any time and distance from hitting the top.

What really does the Guess Facet Watch is that it brings good taste, fashion and sport in every woman’s social life. Being not only a limited edition purchase, over years it become more and more valuable, as any Rolexes do. But in the end, there is one single fact that counts: you are able to control your time in a classy, elegant and organized manner only with a glance to the Guess Facet Watch lady’s choice for unforgettable and adorable occasions!

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