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If you are a daring woman who likes to sport tomboy looks, you probably tried on your grandfather’s or your father’s watches a couple of times. The great thing about vintage, male watches is that they can make a woman’s hand look very delicate. Although masculine watches were initially worn by women who preferred androgynous looks, nowadays they can be easily integrated in any look. We managed to find the perfect watch which can work with a tomboy outfit but also with delicate or glamorous outfits. The Nixon Gold Kensington Watch is classic without being stuffy and it is definitely an accessory that will draw numerous compliments.

Nixon Gold Kensington Watch Picture Nixon Gold Kensington Watch Picture
  • Why choose the Kensington?

Unlike other tomboy watches, the Nixon Kensington has a real vintage vibe without looking universal. On the contrary, it looks authentic and unique. It features a classic heirloom style with a few modern elements. Despite it being rather large, it is very light and it complements a woman’s hand superbly. The Kensington comes in 8 colors: all white, peppermint, crystal, silver, rose gold, black, all gold and white. We picked the all gold version because it has a stronger vintage vibe. If you want a watch with a more modern influence, you should check out the peppermint or the black version.

  • Specifications

The stainless steel case has a 3,6 cm diameter and it features a mineral crystal dial window. The window is very durable and highly resistant against scratches. The stainless steel band is 2 cm wide and it features a locking clasp with a push button. The bezel is stationary and the dial has engraved printed indices as well as custom molded hands. The Nixon Gold Kensington Watch has a calendar note and a special second hand. It weights 16,01 ounces, it has an analog quartz movement and it is water resistant (50 m).

  • Customer reviews

Most of the women who own the Nixon Gold Kensington Watch are very happy with it. The vintage style combined with modern elements makes it suitable for any outfit, be it elegant or casual. However, there are some customers that are not so satisfied and claim that the gold finish is easily scratched of. In order to keep this watch in good shape, it is imperative to clean it and polish it regularly. The gold finish will however scrap off on the points where the metal links rub against each other. Nonetheless, the dial’s window is very durable and resistant against scratches.

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