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Do you have an old watch that you still like, but you are tired of its bracelet? All women have one of those in their collection, a watch that used to be their favourite, but somehow got forgotten in time. To this extent, if you want to mix things up a bit and add a touch of colour to your old watch, using a ribbon instead of its old bracelet might not be such a bad idea and here is why:

Reasons to use ribbons instead of watch bracelets

Easier to match with your outfits

Sometimes when you choose to wear an all-white or all-black dress, you feel like you might need a pop of colour and this is the perfect way to complete that look without having to invest in countless accessories. All you need is some florist ribbons that work great with various outfits and you are set. The next step is to replace the bracelet with the colour that best works for your current outfit and you will be good to go. The entire process takes a very short time, so you will not get delayed for your appointment and you will have the confidence that you are wearing the perfect outfit.


More comfortable

If your former bracelet was a hard synthetic one, you will probably feel much more comfortable wearing a soft satin ribbon but, if you want something a little more rigid, organza ribbons are your best bet. If you visit a dedicated ribbon store, you will certainly have fun choosing any ribbon you might like best and it will definitely be very comfortable, as you will be able to tie it as tight as you need or let it a little looser if that if what you prefer.


Create various designs

Unlike a classic watch bracelet that is just straight, ribbons allow you to have more fun and create different designs. You could tie the ribbon around your hand and make a roman design, or you could twist several ribbons together and create a unique bracelet. One thing is for sure, you will have a lot of fun combining various ribbons and creating fun designs around your wrist.


To conclude, when you want to give new life to your old watch, without having to invest too much, ribbons are always a great choice. With so many options to choose from, you will always find just the right ribbon to match your outfit perfectly and make you be happy about wearing your favourite watch once again.



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