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Gucci made a great collection defined by style and practical luxury. This collection is made of stainless steel with engraved GG signature on the watches’ bracelets and different colors. The Twirl collection it also has a sport model beige or ebony model. The variety of models and colors is pointing of the versatility of a singular watch.

The Gucci watchmakers are proud to present you their latest luxurious watch, the Gucci Women’s YA112401 Twirl watch, that will make you for sure lucky to have it and you won’t go by unnoticed wherever you will go. The special thing that will catch your eye at this amazing watch model it’s its’ artistic polished stainless steel bracelet, that has for details many G letters that makes it very elegant but simple to wear with anything you like.

The Gucci Women’s YA112401 Twirl watch The Gucci Women’s YA112401 Twirl watch Picture

The Gucci Women’s YA112401 Twirl watch has a round case of 23 mm diameter and is also made from stainless steel. A simple bezel is shaping the cases’ watch. Just like the bracelet and the case, the bezel is also made of stainless steel. The water resistance of this luxurious watch is of 30 meter. A crystal sapphire is protecting this beautiful dial from any type of scratch.

The Quartz movement is the movement that breaths life in the watches’ functions. This watch has a little dial with no numbers to display the hours. Even though it looks to be a too simple dial this watch has a thing that makes it special and gives the name of this luxurious collection. The thing is that the dial rotates around its axis and its transforming from a timepiece into a sleek bangle.

Indeed the Gucci Women’s YA112401 Twirl is a special watch that is in the same time a perfect watch for a sportive look and for an elegant one too. It is one of the jewelry watches from the Twirl collection created by Gucci to impress women all around the world. Even if it’s expensive one, this watch worth every penny to have it because it’s a timepiece that will make you shine everywhere you will go. Everyone will want to have it.

So don’t waste your time and go for it and buy it. You may say that it is just an ornamental object for your wrist but its features makes it an amazing watch that will make you change your mind.

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