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Just occasionally, a watch comes along that is a true work of art. This is certainly the case with the Patek Philippe Grand Complications Ladies Wristwatch. It is a masterpiece of understated elegance and style, and offers everything you would expect in a top-of-the-line chronometer from this legendary Swiss maker. If you aspire to have the best watch that money can buy, then this timepiece should be at the top of your list.


To start with, the watch case is an incredibly thin 3.88 mm, crafted from the finest 18 carat rose gold and set with 68 sparkling diamonds on the bezel, with a combined weight of 0.68 carats. The buckle on the watch is also encrusted with 28 of the finest quality diamonds, which is almost unheard of even in the luxury watch market. The white opaline face seems to glow translucently, with the hours delicately picked out in gold.

Traditionally, complications on a watch face have been the exclusive domain of men’s watches, but this watch offers all the features you would expect in a delicate, feminine package that combines beauty and functionality. In addition to the main dial, there are three separate dials which show an incredible amount of additional information. This includes the day of the week, month, the phases of the moon, and leap years.

The movement is also one of the finest examples of the watchmaker’s craft. Containing no less than 27 jewels, and a total of 275 parts, this is a finely tuned thoroughbred. The watch is self-winding, and has a power reserve – the amount of time that it keeps running between windings – of up to 48 hours.

Since it is self-winding, you may want to think about buying a good watch winder. This will keep the watch running, even if you store it away for lengthy periods of time, by gently rotating the watch and simulating the movement of your wrist. This is particularly important with a watch with many complications such as this one, since resetting all of the dials correctly if the watch stops can be a significant effort. You can get good watch winders online from reputable sellers such as

As you would expect with an exceptional watch such as this, the quality does not stop with the case and movement itself. The wristwatch comes with two interchangeable alligator straps, one of which is royal purple and the other one mink grey. It also comes with the Patek Philippe Seal hallmark, a guarantee of quality and authenticity.


It should be noted that this watch is not about “bling”. Unlike some makers that seem to think garish colors and big chunky cases are what women want, Patek Philippe caters to the woman who is secure in her own position and doesn’t need an ostentatious show of wealth. The Patek Philippe Grand Complications is a quiet display of good taste and refinement, and will be appreciated by women who believe that quality is more important than show. At a list price of approximately $100,000, it’s a watch for a woman who has nothing to prove.

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