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It is known the fact that nowadays we precept time more and more little in comparison with the last decades. Unfortunately for us, we can not make it back, as we would like. Another fact is that the major factor which guides of our lives is indeed the time. It comes and goes so soon that we barely notice it. But how about starting a new day filled with sunrises with the new Versace Reve Carre Lady’s Watch? It surely makes the world a better place!

Versace Reve Carre Lady’s Watch Versace Reve Carre Lady’s Watch Picture

This new model released on the market is a lady’s watch, which will never be a failure if chose to be given as a gift. Being almost the synonym of elegance and femininity, this master piece brings in every woman’s life a good accessory with which she can match her next outfit. The house of Versace has created this new time piece for the female gender, in a square-shaped steel case. If you ever choose to gift this beauty to your best-half, then you should know that it comes in white or black versions. This mono colors is what a woman need to immortalize discreet an unforgettable time or occasion.

Versace Reve Carre Lady’s Watch Versace Reve Carre Lady’s Watch Picture

In order to fulfill all the requirements a woman could have, it also has incorporated her best friend from all time, the diamonds, which will make her shine through all the guests invited. Also, it will attract all the eyes so that that lucky lady will have all the lights on her. In addition, you will be a very charming man who will be from now on known as one that makes the right choices in everything. Talking about the Versace Reve Carre Lady’s Watch appearance, it has a medusa icon on the 12 hour which rounds off the successful choice you may do.

Versace Reve Carre Lady’s Watch Versace Reve Carre Lady’s Watch Picture

If your lady is not up for the steel bracelets or she just want to change her new accessory a little bit, then she can change it with optional alligator leather which will bring her a little more elegance in a busy business day. If worn, there is not a single way of others to miss admiring such a beauty on a woman’s hand. What brings delightful to the others’ eyes is that the Versace Reve Carre Lady’s Watch does not have Arabic numbers, but diamonds at every hour, making the lady feel a little more sophisticated.

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