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Fashion changes faster than you may think and it is not only about clothing. Other thing fashionista girls from all around the world focus their attention on are accessories. An outfit will never be complete without the help of accessories. One of the most looked after jewellery item is the watch. Wearing a watch not only has the benefit of not having to get the phone out of your pocket or bag to know what the time is, but it also adds a nice touch to any outfit you may be wearing. As any other trend modifies through time, watches can go out of fashion too. Fashion stores sell watches you can choose from and see what’s there to wear in the next season and what’s not. Here are the main trends of this year regarding wearing a watch for ladies:

Watch trends for this year – what to choose


This season one thing that every fashion specialist suggests wearing is a colourful watch. Adding a touch of colour to a dull outfit or childishly combine warm nuances will bring the exact effect you are waiting for. For instance, wearing red for both clothing and accessories started to gain popularity since it was seen on the haute couture runways of this year. This trend of colour is being picked up by famous watch producers. Although it may sound a bit complicated to combine non-metallic coloured watches to your outfit you would be amazed how much of an impact they bring to an outfit.


The fashion industry will surely appreciate the way you are rocking your watch. Try looking for adjustable and changeable watch straps. This way you will be saving money and be fashionable at the same time. Light pink is also searched for this season. A fashion lady’s wrist attire should definitely consist of one of the two colour option listed above. Yet, you can always be playful and combine your favourite nuances with what clothing item suit you best. Fashion is individual and unique; don’t bother copying what you are seeing around you.

Sport style

Another trend that completely took over this season is the sport style. If last year you were trying hard to obtain that elegant, luxurious look with the help of wrist watches, now fashion is focused on sport style. Being as comfortable and happy with you represents the main goal. A sport watch is usually equipped with activity trackers so not only that your watch will look good on you but it also will make you a great service: counting how many steps you make, how many kilometres you walk, how many stairs you climb and so on. This type of watch is beautiful, fashionable and smart, efficient. Also, finding ourselves in an era of technology, pairing our accessories with our mobile phones sounds like an ideal option. Well, you should know that this is possible with the help of a sport watch. Just connect it to your mobile phone and keep track of your activity, sleep patterns or whatever function your device might be having.

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