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Reviews of top ladies watches

Lately watches became one of the essential accessories every person should wear. There is a model for every taste, because there are so many manufacturers on the market that try to bring something new every day. However, let us face it, it is quite expensive to have a watch that matches every one of your outfits, because some of them are quite expensive. In addition, you combine clothing articles in a different way every day, and this means that you should have at least 100 watches to complement the way you look. But, you do not have to buy as many watches, you only have to purchase two or three watches which have a dial that you like, and customise them with sheer ribbon, or other similar type.

Ways of designing unique watches

How to choose the watch dial

The key of the process of transforming your watch is to choose one, which allows you to do this process easily. You should look on the market for ones that have a bracelet that can easily be removed, or you can find in specialised stores separate dials. From this point, you have two possibilities, to purchase one that you can wear on your wrist or one that it can be used as a necklace.

What ribbon is suited for being used as bracelet?

In case you are a person who has a wardrobe full of coloured clothes, you should go online and search for different type of ribbon. You can choose from a wide variety of simple or patterned ones, according to your tastes. For, example you can choose from polka dotted ribbon, or you can order customised ribbon, which has written on them different messages. In addition, you have to take care when you order, to select the right width of the fabric, because you have to take care to use one that matches the size of the watch dial. The next step is to choose the material, because ribbon is made from many types of fabric, and you have to select the one that would complement your clothes. In the warmer season is perfect to use sheer ribbon, because it has a light look. In case you want to wear the watch like a necklace, you should select small ribbons, because they have a more stylish look. When you decide to use ribbon instead of watch bracelets, you have to consider the colour of the watch dial, because it is an important aspect that influences your look.

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