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The birthday of a close friend is approaching and you know for a fact that she loves a particular watch you saw when shopping together. You want to surprise her and purchase that great looking watch, but on your way home you start wondering whether or not to wrap the gift. As you know, gifts are usually decorated. Individuals purchase small ribbon rolls and paper and begin covering and decorating the product purchased. Of course that this is not mandatory. If you know for a fact that your friend will appreciate the present, then wrapping seems to lose a bit of its importance. Still, there are many individuals out there who seem to disagree with this statement. It does matters and here are a few reasons why.

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First of all, there is the element of surprise. When presenting a gift to one of your friends or family members that is adequately covered, he or she won’t know exactly what you are in fact offering. This is the element of surprise, what makes the entire gift offering fun and exciting to all those involved. The second reason for which wrapping presents is worth your time is the sheer joy of receiving a beautifully decorated gift. You must have noticed the look on the receiver’s face once the gift is offered and he or she starts tearing the wrapping apart. This is one feeling that all individuals have felt at least once in their life. The element of surprise combined with the happiness and joy of being offered a present is difficult to explain in words. Furthermore, it is not just the receiver who understands and appreciates the paper ad ribbons used in covering a gift, but the person who does all the work as well. When trying to use the paper correctly, making sure that it does not make lines or gets wrinkled, when going online to find the right bow to decorate the present, you feel excited, emotional, even start to question yourself whether or not you made the right choice by purchasing a particular product. Of course that in most cases, these questions are unfounded and untrue, but you still ask yourself things like this, anyway. This is the effect wrapping presents has on you.


There is also the question of process. To much of your surprise, offering someone a gift is not just a simple gesture of friendship or love. It is in fact a process that has several steps. First you identify the product, in the case you have no clue of what the receiver desires the most, then you buy, cover it in the appropriate paper and only after offer the product. This is how things are done. You cannot destroy the process, as it will lose much of its beauty. Thus, looking at the facts mentioned above it would seem that there are a few reasons that could explain the importance of this phase. Purchase a beautiful watch for your friend, wrap it up yourself and offer the gift. You will see that nothing can match the feeling of thrill and excitement.

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